The start of a moving company

We take pride in being a successful moving company in Atlanta and throughout in Georgia since 2010. We started off with one 24-foot moving truck and have since increased our fleet. We now lease our moving trucks from Budget truck rental so we can assure that you have a nice new truck to service your move.

There are many moving companies in Georgia. The reputable ones are listed in The Georgia Department Of Public Safety website where we have been listed since 2010. If the moving company you use isn’t listed in the GDPS then you have no legal recourse if your move is botched. We have a strong presence in the Metro Atlanta from our community service with Meals On Wheels Of Atlanta. To the Hundreds of moves that we have serviced. Anybody can say they are a moving company and advertise on Yelp, Thumbtack, and other sites. Don’t fall victim to shady moving companies with no brick and mortar address. Always trust your gut if the price is too low remember you get what you pay for.

One of trucks in our moving company its ugly but it got the job done.

A humble beginning with just a few used trucks for our moving company

Our moving company’s first location in the historic West End