Atlanta Pro Movers

Founded in 2010

“Our mission is to provide a cost-effective, safe, and stress-free move for your prized possessions to your new location anywhere in the world with professional moving services.”

There are many moving companies in Atlanta, some of which use parts of our name to capture customers with our great reputation in the Metro Atlanta area. But there is only one “Atlanta Pro Movers” with the Movers right in the name. Please, do not confuse our company with National Pro Movers or Atlanta Pro Move or CJ Pro Movers just to name a few. We often get calls from customers wondering “where are our movers?” Only for us to tell them that they did not book a moving service with our company. We do not have signs on the side of the highway or on some light pole or in some path of grass nor do we have specials on Groupon, living social or any other site. After a few seconds, the customer finally realizes that they don’t have the right moving company.

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“We Like Our Reputation… And So Will You!”

Two of our original trucks