1. How To Make Your Move More Enjoyable

    Moving your belongings from one home or apartment to another isn’t all sunshine and roses. Whether you’re a college student who’s used to having to move in and out of your dorm or campus apartment, or you’re tasked with moving an entire home’s worth of belongings, there are several things that you can do to make the process a little less stressful and maybe even have some fun! And if you…Read More

  2. Moving in Atlanta

    Here are some of our Atlanta Moving Tips to help you with your upcoming move. If possible, you may want to consider moving a few items yourself. It can be a good idea to move plants, pictures, and electronic items prior to your local move. Get a Free Quote Online or by Phone. Disconnect stereo equipment, computers, and other electronic items. Wrap and secure cords and wiring. If you are moving fro…Read More

  3. Speed Up Your Move

    Our movers have a few suggestions that will help speed your move right along. Here are some of our tips for moving in Atlanta to help you with your upcoming move. Have A clean and clear home on moving day. Labels Labels Labels. Always label your boxes. this makes it easy for you to know whats inside each box. First things first schedule your move at least 2 weeks in advance. This will assure enou…Read More

  4. Packing Tips

    PACKING TIPS THAT SAVE YOU MONEY 1. Calling in the Pro's first we can tackle the packing for you. Want to do it yourself then follow these simple steps. 2. Start early. Packing takes time. Pack carefully. You don’t want to be rushed. 3. Don’t overload boxes — this can damage contents. Close box tops securely. Use heavy masking tape or packing tape. 4. Mark each carton clearly. Note content…Read More

  5. Moving and Packing Tips From Atlanta Pro Movers

    1. Use the right boxes: When packing heavy items such as books it is important to use smaller boxes. The usage of smaller boxes prevents your items from getting damaged and it is easier for the movers to handle the items. When heavy items are in bigger boxes the items may tear open the boxes causing your items to become damaged. When packing lighter object such as linens and pillows, you should us…Read More