When it comes time to move to a new home, a new office, or you just need help moving heavy items or valuables, you need to find an Atlanta moving company that has your back and will always look out for your best interest. Although there are plenty of moving companies out there, it’s not always easy to find one that will work with you to understand your goals and do everything possible to see it through. At Atlanta Pro Movers, we aim to change that. No matter whether you’re a family seeking an affordable moving company, or a business owner looking for an Atlanta mover to relocate your office, we’re here for you—regardless of the size of your project.

Our BackgroundAtlanta Pro Movers prides itself on being able to provide some of the friendliest customer service in the industry. Since 2010, we’ve worked throughout Georgia to form a lasting relationship with our loyal and happy customers. We don’t just strive to help you with your next moving project, we want you to have a moving company and community that you can come back to, time and time again for all your moving needs. We achieve this by creating a company culture that is focused on positivity and putting the needs of the customer before all else. What this means for you is that you won’t have to worry about finding reliable Atlanta movers ever again.

Atlanta Pro Movers embodies the idea of greatness from small beginnings. Starting with just one 24-foot moving truck, we were a small company that had a dream to expand and become the premier Atlanta movers. Over the years, we’ve expanded our fleet and brought on new people who have made Atlanta Pro Movers what it is today—the most friendly and reliable packing, moving, and storage company in the area.

When it comes time to choose a moving company, you’ll want one that’s reputable and has a proven track record of success, commitment, and integrity. Many moving companies claim to have this, but never take the time to prove it to you. Atlanta Pro Movers has been listed in The Georgia Department Of Public Safety as a reputable Atlanta moving company since 2010. What this means is that Atlanta Pro Movers is a licensed moving company and has been registered by the state as an official moving company. Companies that are not listed under the GDPS cannot be trusted, and if one of these companies were to scam you or provide you with unsatisfactory service, you would have little to no legal recourse for dealing with your situation.

Over the years, Atlanta Pro Movers has had a strong presence in the Metro Atlanta area from our community service with Meals On Wheels Of Atlanta, to the hundreds of moves that we have serviced each year, Atlanta Pro Movers has always been there for its community and will continue to do so.

Residential MoversFrom small dorm rooms to 20,000 square foot luxurious designer homes, Atlanta Pro Movers is here to help with all your residential moving needs. Our professional movers are trained to handle all your items with care, no matter how big or small, fragile or durable. If we’re moving valuable furniture, we’ll carefully wrap it to insure nothing gets scratched or scuffed during the moving process. But if an incident were to occur, we have a one million dollar general liability insurance policy that will cover all your items throughout the packing, moving, and storage process.

We understand the difficulties involved with planning a move; you need to plan what items you will take with you to the new home, what items will be left or taken to the dump, and you need to plan your time accordingly so that everything gets done when it needs to be. Not to mention all of the work you have to do to prepare for life in a new home or apartment. At Atlanta Pro Movers, we understand this struggle and want to make the process as simple as possible for you. When you hire us to do your residential moving, we will send either a 2-man or a 4-man team and either a small or a large truck depending on the size of your home or apartment. This will insure that you get the most efficient and high-quality moving services, custom fit to your needs.

Our team will work tirelessly to understand your needs and execute them in the most logical way possible. We won’t cut corners and take unnecessary risks with your belongings just to get the job done quicker. But we will work hastily and around your busy schedule so that you can get back to what you were doing. Our commitment is to your satisfaction, so if you need have any comments or concerns, never hesitate to contact us, we’d be glad to hear from you!

Commercial MoversNot only will we help you with your residential moving, but we’ll help you move your business as well! No matter how big or small your project, we’re here to help. If you need belongings in your personal office moved, we’ll get in and out quickly so you can get back to work. If you need a large, company-wide move we’ve got it covered. We’ll make sure we work around your employees and don’t interfere with any of their work.

Atlanta Pro Movers has been providing moving services for Atlanta companies since 2010. We’ve done everything from office buildings to large warehouses. We understand how difficult it can be to run a business and we’re dedicated to keeping your company efficient and profitable while you’re in the middle of a move.

Once you’re done with your move, don’t forget to keep us in your contacts. We don’t just want to provide you with high-quality moving services, we want you to have a reliable partner in the industry that you can continue to come back to time and time again.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial moving services in Atlanta.

Moving ServicesAtlanta Pro Movers provides you with a full-range of packing and moving services and storage solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. Our top priority is to provide you with an efficient and reliable service, so it would be wrong to offer you only a limited range of services, thereby forcing you to rely on multiple companies for all your moving and storage needs. When you trust Atlanta Pro Movers with your next moving project, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met with professionalism and expertise that we have gained through almost a decade of experience in the industry.

PackingIn order to secure each item that needs moving, and to insure it doesn’t sustain any damage while in storage, you’ll need proper packing services. Atlanta Pro Movers will provide you with all the packing supplies you need to keep them safe while in transit and keep them secure in our storage facility or at your destination of choice. Although every item you move with us is insured by a one million dollar general liability insurance policy, it is our duty to treat every package with utmost care so that it gets to its destination safely every time. Here are some of the packaging options we offer that will make packing and loading your items easier, as well as give you reassurance that they will remain undamaged during the drive to your destination:

1.5 cubic foot box (book box)

Great for heavy or dense items including books, records, shoes, canned goods, small kitchen appliances, and hand or power tools.

3 cubic foot box (general purposes)

Great for toys, lamp shades, pots and pans, kitchen utensils and more.

4.5/6 cubic foot box

For large lightweight items such as pillows, bedding and toys. Cannot be overloaded.

Wardrobe Boxes (equipped with a bar)

For hanging clothes, curtains and draperies; The bottom was not designed to support weight, so no other items should be packed in the bottom of the box.

Dish Packs

Specially designed for transporting dishes, glasses, bowls, and other kitchenware. Good for lamps, knick-knacks and larger kitchen appliances.

Mirror Cartons

Telescoping, large and small mirrors, large pictures, and glass tabletops.

Mattress Bags

Available in crib, twin, double, king and queen sizes.

Our professional movers will pack your items and make sure that each one of your belongings is secure and doesn’t slide around in the packaging or in the truck. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that each one of our moving experts is trained and has many years of experience transporting packages securely and efficiently.

MovingHave you tried renting a moving truck before but didn’t realize how difficult it would be to move all your belongings into the truck by yourself? Atlanta Pro Movers was designed with people like you in mind and your best interests. We know it can be difficult or impossible to move certain household furniture, mattresses, and appliances by yourself, so call us today and we’ll send out either our two-man or four-man crew who are trained to move those heavy and awkward household items. Attempting to move these on your own could lead to injury and most likely result in damage to the item. Although we’re willing to help with any project, big or small, we do have a minimum service time of two hours in most areas.

Don’t waste time and money with another moving company in Atlanta. Atlanta Pro Movers has the tools and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and without hassle. Our moving trucks are fully equipped and have been chosen to make your move easier for you and safer for your precious cargo. See why our trucks are more advanced than our competitors’:

Hi-Cube Cargo Area

We have the largest hi-cube trucks in the industry which allows us to fit much more than our competitors’ trucks. Instead of having to take multiple trips, we can fit everything in one go. This saves you money and time.

Easy Load Ramps

Unlike most moving companies who use lift gate trucks only, we use traditional moving trucks. Our trucks are lower to the ground, making it easier for our movers to load items.


We supply our trucks with moving pads, dollies, straps, and other equipment for your move. Our professional movers are trained to use these tools so that you don’t have to worry about your cargo arriving in one piece.

StorageAnother great service we offer at Atlanta Pro Movers is storage solutions. We provide storage for residential use, commercial use, for both long-term and short-term use. We strive to make all of our services seamless with one another, so if you’re using us for packing, moving, and storage, you’ll be sure to benefit from our logistics and distribution services. All of your needs can be scheduled and completed by our trusted staff. Need boxes and other packaging material to keep your items safe in the warehouse? We can provide those. We’ll work with you to create a schedule and then ship or deliver your items wherever you need them, whenever you need them there.   

Our Mission“Our mission is to provide a cost-effective, safe, and stress-free move of your prized possessions to your new location anywhere in the world with professional service.”

When you trust in Atlanta Pro Movers for all your packing and moving services and storage solutions, you’re getting the most reliable services in Atlanta. Many other moving companies try to use our name and branding to capture our great reputation in the area, but don’t let that fool you, Atlanta Pro Movers are your trusted Atlanta movers. Our team of professional movers are dedicated to your satisfaction with what we do and would love to hear from you about any questions or concerns you have for us. If you need packing and moving services or storage solutions, we’re always ready to hear about it. Give us a call to get a FREE consultation on you next project, or visit our website to learn more about us.