1. Use the right boxes: When packing heavy items such as books it is important to use smaller boxes. The usage of smaller boxes prevents your items from getting damaged and it is easier for the movers to handle the items. When heavy items are in bigger boxes the items may tear open the boxes causing your items to become damaged. When packing lighter object such as linens and pillows, you should use bigger boxes because it will be easier for the guys to carry making your move quicker.

2. Do not leave empty spaces in boxes: It is important to fill in the gaps in the boxes. You can do so by putting clothes and or towels to fill in the gaps. You fill in the gaps so the boxes will not be off balance.

3. Avoid Mixing Items: When packing an item from the kitchen or any are in the house keep same items together. When keeping items together it will make packing quicker and unpacking a lot easier.

4. Label each box: Each box should be labeled with the room it will go to as well as a small description of whats in the box. This will help you and the movers know where every box belongs in your new place, making it easier to move and it also make sure you keep tack of all your items.

5. Tape Boxes Well: Use tape to seal top and bottom seams this well prevent your items from damage.

6. Expensive items: If you are moving expensive items such as art, or antiques, wrap with paper or bubble wrap and put in a frame box. If the art is oil paint do not wrap with paper because it will stick. For pictures framed behind glass make an X over the glass with masking tape to strengthen the glass and to hold glass together just incase of breakage.Then proceeded to wrapping picture with bubble wrap.

7. Bundle Breakables: When packing dishes put packing paper around each dish to prevent from damage, once each piece is individually wrapped then place each item in bundles of 5 or 6 with more paper. Pack dishes on their sides never flat. Use plenty of paper for padding. Cups, bowls can be placed inside one another with paper in between each item.Place dishes into dish-barrel boxes.

8. Consider other items that will need special treatment: Other items that may need to be wrapped and placed into boxes are televisions. You can wrap these with bubble wrap and place in a wooden crate to help prevent damage to the tv screen.