moving tips
Make your move easy with these tips.


1. Calling in the Pro’s first we can tackle the packing for you. Want to do it yourself then follow these simple steps.

2. Start early. Packing takes time. Pack carefully. You don’t want to be rushed.

3. Don’t overload boxes — this can damage contents. Close box tops securely. Use heavy masking tape or packing tape.

4. Mark each carton clearly. Note contents and room designation.

5. Clothes – Request wardrobe boxes. These will save lots of ironing and pressing later. Otherwise, fold and pack clothes in cartons or dresser drawers.

moving supplies
Quality moving supplies make your move easy

6. Dishes and glassware – Use dish pack boxes, which are specially designed to carry your valuable china and breakables. First line bottoms of dish pack boxes with paper. Second place well wrapped, heavy items on the bottom. Plates, platters and bowls should be placed on edge. Then add more cushioning paper and place fragile, smaller items on top. Always Wrap glasses and stemware individually. Place them “bottoms up” and use plenty of protective paper to cushion their move. Finally add enough layers of packing paper to the top of the box, so the box is secure when closed. Seal with tape and your done. These tips are important to ensure your items are protected .

7. Refrigerators — When prepping make sure you give at least 24 hours so that the inside is completely drained. Then defrost and dry thoroughly inside. Secondly you must wrap glass trays and containers like any other breakable. Place them securely inside the fridge or freezer, if they can not be secured tightly pack them in a small moving box.

8. TV’s , Stereo’s VCR’s — Unplug and wrap cords.

9. Medicines — Secure all tops, caps and covers with cellophane tape. Pack paper firmly between bottles. Mark carton “Fragile” and “This End Up.”

10. Jewelry and valuables — Don’t pack them. Keep them with you. Make sure you get all your loose papers and ID or credit/debit out of your drawers so that they don’t get stuck or lost when the movers put them on the truck. These small items have a tendency to fall out or get stuck in the back or bottom of drawers.

12.Lamp Shades — Wrap each in clean paper. (avoid newsprint which can rub off and soil). Box each separately. Don’t forget to mark these boxes fragile!

13. Lastly put all boxes in a central location; garage living or family room. This will make your move quicker. Heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top.


There are also items that movers cannot take such as; plants, liquor, gasoline and other flammables, liquids like dish detergent liquid soap etc. Moving is hard work, the more prepping you do the faster the move can be completed this will save you time and money. Use these tips to make your move go smooth and as fast as possible. Our goal is to always save you the most money and cut your move time down.