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atlanta's expert movers

moving & storage solutions for the greater atlanta area

Moves can be tough. You must make a list of important items, boxing everything up, loading and unloading the truck. There are so many things to consider on both sides of the experience. Why put yourself through that kind of stress? Instead, call the experts at Atlanta Pro Movers!


  1. They moved so quickly!

    My husband and I hired Atlanta Pro Movers to move us into our new house this past weekend. They arrived on time (they even called us from the truck to give us their ETA), they were very friendly and professional, and they took great care of our furniture. They moved quickly and efficiently, and didn’t even bat an eyelash when they had to carry heavy items to the second floor of the house. The best part – our bill was less than expected because they moved so quickly! These guys are definitely PROS, and I highly recommend them!

    Lauren Gordon
  2. I would recommend them and use them again…

    I recently moved my things out of storage into a townhouse. Atlanta Pro Move had the best estimate and honored my Angie’s list membership with a discount. Troy, Q and Dre took were great with the move and completed it within the estimated time without any damage to my property. I would recommend them and use them again.

    Sherlon Kauffman
  3. I will always call these guys from now on…

    Yesterday was the big day. Thanks to Atlanta Pro Movers…it was a very smooth big day. They actually showed up EARLY. yup. That’s right. Ahead of schedule. Impressed me right away. They backed their truck in and instantly started unloading their supplies and surveying all of the things that they needed to move. Quick walk through and they went right to it. Seriously…once they hopped out of their truck…they were working in under 10 minutes. Very professional. Experienced. You could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo. Neither is it my first rodeo. Atlanta Pro Movers is actually the fourth moving company I’ve used…and hands down the best. 2 hours into it…the company owner showed up just to say hello and see how things were going. Very nice, personal touch. Shortly after the company owner left…we decided to go leave and get a few drinks while they continued to load everything up. Yes. That’s correct. We left the guys in our house, with all our stuff alone for a while. That’s how trustworthy and comfortable they make you feel. And when we got back…they were just finishing up. To the new house we go! We needed to put the dogs up and lock up, etc…So we let the movers go ahead of us. When we showed up at the new house…they were already unloading things on the front porch. Once inside…they made pretty quick work of set up.

    Rahvel, Pierre and Sheddrick were the crew that came to help us move. Let me tell you…they all were wonderful. Very friendly and polite. Remarkably accommodating. They were willing to help us with any request we made. Completely disassembled our furniture…padded and wrapped everything. Took great care of our belongings. And likewise…they did a full set up of all of our furniture at the new place.

    The move itself was a very fair price….again…not my first rodeo. And the guys were so awesome that we felt led to give them all a very generous tip for their hard work. Seriously. They went at it hard, non stop…from the second they showed up until they unloaded the last thing. And they laughed and played around with each other while working…which i like…because it shows that they are happy with their work and enjoy each other. That’s big to me.

    Long and short…give these guys a chance. I will always call these guys from now on and will send everyone i know their way. I’ve only met one of their crews…but they were awesome. I’ve seen 4 man crews get less done than this 3 man crew. Rahvel, Pierre and Sheddrick…i just want to publicly say thanks for being so awesome yesterday. I hope you guys get all the business in town!