Our movers have a few suggestions that will help speed your move right along.

Here are some of our tips for moving in Atlanta to help you with your upcoming move.

  1. Have A clean and clear home on moving day.
  2. Labels Labels Labels. Always label your boxes. this makes it easy for you to know whats inside each box.

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Don’t wait until its too late book at least 2 weeks before your move
  1. First things first schedule your move at least 2 weeks in advance. This will assure enough time in case you need to reschedule. Just in case your closing date changes, or the apartment you chose may not be ready.

  2. Notify your gas and electric companies as well as your other utility companies to let them know you are moving.

  3. Send the dog or cat to a friends house or a kennel. The door to your house will be open during most of your move and you don’t want your pet to get lost or get tripped on during the move. Which would result in a damage to your furniture, a wall, or God forbid yourself  a loved one or one of the movers.

  4. Plan for the worst expect the best! There is no way to anticipate traffic in the Metro Atlanta Area, always allow more time than planned. When you plan your move it always turns out better.

  5. Don’t schedule other time sensitive things right behind your move this will only lead t frustration if the movers are late if you add additional items an elevator isn’t working, etc. With moving you just never know.

  6. Buy quality moving supplies. used and cheap quality boxes don’t protect your belongings as good as new good quality boxes. Which may lead to damaged or missing items.

  7. Take time out to make sure yo have something for the kids to do  or have them go to a friends house. Then make arrangements for the children, the move make take longer than planned and they may need a ride to or from school or any other activities.

  8. These are just a few things that will help your move go smoothly. Remember a well planned move is a smooth move. Which means you will save time and money on moving day.